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Securing PDF Output on XML Publisher

Posted on: January 24, 2009

Worked Example I – Securing a PDF output
You can now embed any of the XML Publisher properties into your RTF template <<reference to property lists>> These would then be resolved at runtime by the XML Publisher engine; you can either use hard coded values or embed the values inside the incoming XML data.

If you wanted to secure PDF output generated from a template you can use the XML Publisher pdf security properties and obtain the password value from the incoming XML data.

To add an XML Publisher property to a template use the Properties dialog (File -> Properties) :


picture 1: xdo-pdf-security


picture 2: xdo-pdf-open-password

The XML Publisher properties need to have ‘xdo-‘ as a prefix to their regular names so ‘pdf-open-password’ becomes ‘xdo-pdf-open-password’. Just add the XML Publisher properties and their value to the document using the dialog. If you want to reference a data element in the XML, a password for instance then use the curly braces in enclose the path to the XML element.

Worked Example II – Securing a PDF output

Lets assume that the XML data you are using will contain a specific password that needs to be used to secure the output document. Again we can use the document properties to set the PDF security password and reference a value in the XML. Assuming the following XML data:







In the properties dialog we would enter two properties:

Name : xdo-pdf-security – this property sets whether the security feature is enabled or not

Type :Text

Value :{/EY/security}

Name : xdo-pdf-open-password – this property sets the password

Type :Text

Value :{/EY/password}

Storing the password in the XML data could be a security problem if the XML is going to persist in the system for any length of time. To avoid this you could achieve the same using a template parameter value that is generated and passed into the template at runtime. Assuming your parameters were called ‘PDFSec’ and ‘PDFPWD’ you would enter the following in the properties dialog:

Name : xdo-pdf-security – this property sets whether the security feature is enabled or not

Type :Text

Value :{$PDFSec}

Name : xdo-pdf-open-password – this property sets the password

Type :Text

Value :{$PDFPWD}

Both of these methods would then secure the output PDF document with a password that would only be know to the user.


11 Responses to "Securing PDF Output on XML Publisher"

Great site, though I would love to see some more media! – Great post anyway, Cheers!


I ahve tried to do the steps as proposed. System sends the report by bursting and when I open the PDF file, it opens without asking password


Hi Karvannan,

Which step did you try? example1? have you tried to generate this PDF output file from concurrent request submission?
I have tried many times from this article and everything is ok, have you set the xdo-pdf-security to true?
can you send me the rtf file to my gmail (edi.y4nto@gmail.com)?

Edi Yanto


Dear Edi,
Thanks for your response.
I have used xdo.cfg configuration for bursting secured pdf file. Now when i open the pdf file send by bursting, it is asking for password (which i hard coded in the xdo.cfg file) and it opens.

Now I need your advise,how to set the dynamic password for Bursting pdf file.

Thanks and Regards

Karvannan .


Hi Karvannan,

You didn’t answer my questions before, I think if you follow the steps in this article you also can generate the PDF report with password.
In this article you can set the password dynamic on XML file but has security problem, please read it again.

Edi Yanto


Dear Edi Yanto,
Thanks for response.

I have tried the proposed solution to set the dynamic password in XML and it worked fine. When opening the pdf document, it is asking for password and the dynamic password is working fine.

My requirement is to generate the payslip for all employees and send it to employees by bursting with dynamic password.I am not able to set dynamic password for the file send by bursting.


Hi Karvannan,

Did you mean the proposed solution worked fine but not in bursting case? If No, I think it’s not problem. Did you generate the payslip to XML file with each employee’s password? If yes, you also can bursting the file with this dynamic password which already write in the XML file.

Edi Yanto


hi Edi , can i get that password protected pdf through concurent program submission or rtf


Hi venkat,

Yes, you can do it, try to do the steps as proposed.

Edi Yanto


Keyen bos Edi, saya pake yg cara Worked Example II – Securing a PDF output, yg cara 1, data passwordnya dari XML Data, programnya berhasil. Trimakasih.


U’re welcome Boss Imam 🙂

Edi Yanto


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