Edi Yanto (何 萬 新)

How to Develop the Human Resources in the Globalization Era

Posted on: February 1, 2008

Talk about human resource, we can’t escape from the youth. So, the youth have an important role in a middle of society, because the youth was the one to replace the old generation. Young generation has to have the sciences and skills that can be useful in this world, because the improvement of a country is depend on a human resource like the youth.

Because of that, the youth problems are very important. So during the adult time, the youth or young generation have to realize the transition in globalization Era. Their souls are being shaking. If the youth have a strong spirit and are influence by the area that didn’t exactly with the religious. So the spirit will be down in a miserable and bad. Therefore, the youth should have an attention, direction and guidance to provide the human resource in this globalization Era.

On the other side we as a young generation should be realize about the important of education. So in this present time, we should fill the education with the useful sciences and skills. Because our ambition only can be reach if we have them.

My hope for the youth as Indonesian human resource are should fill this time with moral activities, skills and also with useful science to develop the human resource and to improve our nation development.

As for it, for the youth in provide the useful human resource in this globalization Era, we should make ourselves more near the religion, sciences, skills and devotion to the God.

Hope we can be a strong, creative and useful human resource in this society, nation and world.



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