Edi Yanto (何 萬 新)

Differences Between Interpreted and Compiled Languages

Posted on: December 18, 2007

High-level languages can be divided into two groups: interpreted and compiled. Interpreted languages are translated into machine language with the help of another program called an interpreter. The interpreter translates each statement in the program into machine language and executes it immediately before the next statement is examined.

A compiled language is translated into machine language with the help of the program called a compiler. Compilers translate English-like statements into machine language. However, all of the statements must be translated before a program can be executed. The compiled version of the program is sometimes referred to as an executable.

An interpreted program must be translated into machine language every time it is run. A compiled program is translated into machine language only once when it is compiled. The compiled version of the program can then be executed as many times as needed.


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