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The Spirit of A Spider (Andrie Wongso)

Posted on: June 5, 2007

As told, in a corner of an old house, there lived a spider which diligently worked and built up his web from day to day. Once day, a heavy rain poured with such a strong wind washing down this old house. The leaks were everywhere, and they just wiped off the web. The whole walls were washed and became so slippery. The spider with such an effort tried his best to climb up. And as you could imagine he kept on slipping down. Nevertheless, he didn’t stop trying, even though he kept on falling down. Again and again these activities were repeated. And again the spider never stopped climbing with such a remarkable persistence.

This old house was occupied by three siblings, all still very young at age, when this incident took place, the three of them were watching the whole process. And follows are their comments: The eldest, sighing, commented: “My life is just so alike. Even though I have tried so hard and still keep on trying, I still get nowhere. What a waste! I guess this is just my destiny. Even though I have tried my best, it’s useless. It just won’t change!”

The second son with a relax attitude said, “What a dumb spider! Why won’t he just find a dry spot, just turn around and then try to climb up? I will not be that dumb. Someday when I am faced with problems, I will just find a short cut. I am gonna use my brain to find a way to avoid problems. No need to work so hard to face them.”

Totally with different views after looking at the toughness of spider, the youngest son spoke of his thoughts: “The spider is so small, and yet he has such a remarkable undefeated spirit! In all sense of bravery and persistence, I have to learn to have such a fighting spirit from him. By having such a spirit, one day I definitely will reach my success!”

The story of a spider is very inspiring. Different views in seeing problems will borne different handling attitudes. And with a different attitude there will absolutely be different results. The eldest perspective’s shows someone without motivation, without a certain goal in life, easily giving up, and just blindly blaming it as a fate. This is the perspective that blocks one’s steps to reach ones. If we have this kind view it is absolutely sure that success is out of our reach.

On the contrary, the second son’s perspective shows sign of an opportunistic and pragmatic personality. In facing all problems, the choices that he makes will be to run away from the problems. And even if he needs to face them at one point, he will use all the ways, shortcuts, whatever can be as long as the target reached. He will not try to find the solutions with smart and witty thinking, but more to ‘unwholesome’ way out; cheating and disposing other’s right. If we apply those unwholesome attitudes every time we will be faced with obstacles, and as the consequence, our mentally will be very fragile, lame, and most probably will turn into the ‘cold-blood king’.

And of course, I agree with the youngest son’s mindset. Persistence is the undying fighting spirit that we all must have in order to achieve success. Every problem is a stepping stone that has to be solved and faced with all bravery. We have to get used to seeing all occurring problems as something natural and must be faced upon, not to avoid nor running away from.

Truly, the quality of one’s mental naturally is built upon by many hindrances, obstacles, weaknesses, and problems that can be overcome. And it’s very clear that with persistence, bravery, and consistent efforts, the success can be gained.


“Persistence is and undying spirit that must be possessed. With persistence and consistent effort, the success that we have will definitely be that of best quality and can be proud of!”

source: 15 Wisdom & Success by Andrie Wongso


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