Edi Yanto (何 萬 新)

Tuning the Oracle8i Database

Posted on: April 16, 2007

The below step are for optimizing performace of Oracle8i Database :

  • Tune architecture and design of the data model.
  • Tune Applications. It’s important to design efficient SQL statements. Efficient SQL Statement take less time to process. You must also consider the data access and manipulation operations in detail.
  • Tune memory structures, memory tuning involves tuning the System Global Area (SGA) and user process memory.
  • Tune I/O, involves configuring the distribution of data files, segment types, and tablespaces. I/O tuning also involves monitoring the interaction between data files and memory during reads and writes.
  • Reduce contention between actions in the database. Since an oracle database is normally used by multiple users, tuning is need to minimize the time that processes have to wait a resource is available. Resource that can involve contention include blocks, shared pool, locks, and latches.
  • Tune the operating system to handle the current demands of database server.

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